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12th Dec 2009, 8:30 AM



Appearing in this issue:


Ambivalent, also known as Ambi

The fun-loving swords(wo)man of the Nefarious Miscreants. Cassie’s best friend.This outspoken, outgoing, energetic fleet officer never does anything half way, fighting, eating, or talking. Friend for life, enemy for life (not very long). If she gives you a nickname, you’ll probably survive. More than a little odd, but that’s why we love her.

Girlluverr, also know as GL

A flirt and a showoff if there ever was one; but he’s a good guy, if easily distracted, more than a little excitable, and a bit forgetful, especially when in the proximity of one or more blondes, brunettes, and/or redheads.